ARRI Amira Premium

AMIRA – the perfect tool for your work – is a versatile camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast2.0 workflows with ergonomic design optimized for use by an operator and expandable overtheshoulder operation. AMIRA can be taken straight out of the camera case and ready to use. It’s rugged enough to be taken


The RED EPIC MysteriumX 5K Digital Cinema Camera with its 5K sensor delivers up to 120fps at full resolution and up to 300fps at 2K. The camera masters even difficult lighting conditions with its unique 18aperture dynamic range with HDRx. The 2.3kg lightweight BRAIN allows use in small spaces, handheld gimbals and drones.


RED cameras convince with overwhelming resolution and image quality. The helium sensor offers up to 17 times more resolution than HD and more than 4 times more than 4K! The DSMC2 BRAIN enables a write speed of up to 300MB/s and can record REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD simultaneously. As with its

ARRI Alexa Mini

The ARRI Alexa Mini impresses with its compactness, size and weight (Full Carbon Body) and makes it the most versatile camera of the Alexa series from ARRI. Its dimensions make it ideal for any application, whether in the gimbal, as a handheld camera, or any other mounting solution. The Alexa Mini has interchangeable lens mounts

Sony Alpha 7R III

The new Sony Alpha 7R III offers improved resolution, sensitivity, dynamic range and processing speed over its predecessor. You can capture up to 10 fps with a resolution of 42.4 megapixels in an even larger ISO range with even less noise.

Sound Devices 633

The 633 is the ideal choice when maximum flexibility is required without compromising recording or mixing functions. The compact 633 field mixer with integrated 10track recorder offers six analog inputs and two powerful auto mixers (Dugan and MixAssist), recording to SD and CompactFlash memory cards. The compatibility with the “Wingman Bluetooth Dongle” for use with

Sound Devices 664

As the first mixer/recorder in the 6 Series, the 664 is a reliable companion for maximum flexibility and demanding audio production. It has 12 analog inputs, four output busses and records these 16 tracks on both CF and SD cards. This unprecedented amount of I/O connectivity and recording capabilities makes the 664 perfect for a

Sound Devices 788T

The 788T is a veteran of the portable sound device mixer/recorder and a longtime companion in the field of professional film sound. The 788T is barely bigger than a conventional EB mixer, but offers 8 fully equipped inputs that can be routed freely.

Sound Devices 302 Mixer

The Sound Devices 302 is the most compact and costeffective batterypowered professional audio mixer in its class. The controls are accessible on the three main panels, with power supplied either by three internal AA batteries or external 518 VDC.

Zoom H6

With the sixtrack recorder H6 ZOOM offers a compact, versatile audio recorder and USB/interface. In addition to the 4 fixed XLR/Line inputs, two exchangeable input capsules (X/Y & MS) offer the possibility to quickly and reliably realize lifelike stereo recordings.

Zoom H4n

As the predecessor of the H6, the H4n has been a faithful companion for sound recordings for many years. In addition to the two XLR/Line inputs, a builtin X/Y stereo microphone provides a simple and reliable way to record lifelike stereo sound.

Sennheiser MKH 8060

Very compact, universal shotgun microphone. Suitable for use in feature films and documentaries as well as for outdoor recordings, interviews and studio productions. It is characterized by its lifelike sound and its excellent offaxis linearity. The CINELA Suspension, specially manufactured for the 8060, guarantees good sound even in situations with a lot of movement.

Sennheiser MKH416

The MKH 416 is the rugged allrounder of the MKH series and has been one of the most popular microphones for film sound worldwide for years. The short shotgun microphone offers good directional characteristics with small dimensions, high consonant intelligibility and feedback protection. Especially for outside reports it scores with its increased directivity.

Rode NTG 1

With its very low weight (105g) it is one of the lightest microphones in its class. The condenser shotgun microphone is suitable both for mounting on the boom and on the camera. With its large transmission range and low inherent noise, it is well suited for film and synchronization tasks.