DJI Ronin 1

The DJI Ronin is designed for use with cine cameras up to 7kg and can also be operated by two operators thanks to a remote control.

DJI Ronin 2

The biggest and strongest Gimbal of the DJI Ronin family combines many strengths of different Gimbal. High payload (13.6kg), control console directly on the gimbal, simplified operation. The gimbal also allows heavier and larger cameras to be carried.

DJI Inspire 2

Maximum speed 94 km/h, front and rear camera for navigation, high-quality 10bit camera, high-quality gimbal. The standard drone for professional filmmakers.

Ready Rig GS incl. ProArm

Even smaller Cine cameras can reach a considerable weight in a Gimbal by accessories and larger lenses. This is where the Ready Rig comes into play, as it takes the weight of the gimbal from the operator’s arms and transfers it to the shoulders and back.