Sennheiser MKH 8060

Very compact, universal shotgun microphone. Suitable for use in feature films and documentaries as well as for outdoor recordings, interviews and studio productions. It is characterized by its lifelike sound and its excellent off-axis linearity. The CINELA Suspension, specially manufactured for the 8060, guarantees good sound even in situations with a lot of movement.

Sennheiser MKH416

The MKH 416 is the rugged all-rounder of the MKH series and has been one of the most popular microphones for film sound worldwide for years. The short shotgun microphone offers good directional characteristics with small dimensions, high consonant intelligibility and feedback protection. Especially for outside reports it scores with its increased directivity.

Radio set Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 + Lavalier Microphone

Transmitter SK Light and robust, this pocket transmitter fits easily into any abdominal belt or simply clipped to the belt. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits low frequencies with a solid foundation. Three HF output powers) are available, for a higher range or more channels per frequency range. Receiver

Radio set Sennheiser SKP/EK 2000

Transmitter SKP Suitable for any wired microphone, the SKP plug-on transmitter can be combined with the EK 2000 receiver. Five frequency ranges with up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth provide optimal flexibility as with all components of the 2000 series. The synchronization of the transmitter settings is also possible with the SKP 2000 simply and

Radio set Sennheiser SK 5212, EK 3241

Transmitter SK 5212 Due to its small design, the SK 5212 is particularly easy to carry and hide on the body. The transmission power can be adjusted in two stages. A particularly wide input sensitivity adjustment range from -30 to + 40 dB provides flexibility from quiet interview situations to very powerful voices. EK 3241