Arri Hi-5 Wireless Hand Unit

The Arri Hi-5 Wireless Hand Unit is the successor of the proven WCU-4, multi-axis lens control with state-of-the-art technology.
With interchangeable wireless modules, hot-swap battery technology, customizable user buttons, weatherproof design and much more, the Arri Hi-5 is indispensable for any shooting situation.

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Technical Facts

Focus Knob

LED illumination, adjustable friction force, 3" diameter
16 bit native encoder resolution

Iris slider

Fully sealed sliding mechanism,
14 bit native encoder resolution


Transflective TFT LCD display (readable in strong sunlight) 3.0" diagonal


830g (/approx. 1,83lbs) (incl. Bluetooth dongle and focus ring)

Power supply

NP-F550 batteries, external via LBUS or USB-C

Manufacturer Datasheet