Astera ART7 Wireless Control Box

The Astera ART 7 Box is a wireless Bluetooth box. With the help of e.g. an IPad or other Bluetooth enabled device, several Astera lamps can be controlled and programmed simultaneously. Thus, for example, running lights, synchronous control and many other functions are possible. The Astera ART7 box allows a transmission of 512 DMX channels. It works as a transmitter box with CRMX protocol.

Videolink Munich

Technical Facts

Battery Runtime 72 h (App) 8-10 h (CRMX)
Wireless Protocols UHF, CRMX, Bluetooth 4.0
Wireless Range CRMX: up to 300 m / 328 yds UHF: up to 300 m / 328 yds Bluetooth: up to 3 m / 3.3 yds
Weight 0.23 kg / 0.51 lbs
IP Rating IP20
Manufacturer Datasheet