Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K Pro

The Blackmagic Pocket Pro is the successor of the well-known and compact Blackmagic Pocket 6K with a Super-35 HDR sensor, Dual Native ISO and built-in ND filter. Unlike the old Pocket, the 6K Pro, Blackmagic can shoot RAW in 4K – 6K resolution, using the Sony NPF batteries instead of the Canon LP-E6.


Technical Facts

Sensor size

23,10mm x 12,99mm (Super 35)


6K bis 50 fps
4K bis 60 fps
3K bis 60 fps
2K bis 120 fps


Built-in: Clear, 2-Stops, 4-Stops, 6-Stops


1,2kg (approx. 2,65lbs)

Recording formats

Blackmagic RAW, ProRes HQ

Manufacturer Datasheet