Caligri AIRTUBE 100 – Astera Titan

The AIRTUBE is a 110 cm accessory unit for the Astera Titan and other 100 cm LED tubes. It extends the light area, is easy to attach and inflate. It is made of high quality materials such as Magic Cloth® and Ultrabounce® from TRP Worldwide. The AIRTUBE also offers mounting options for accessories such as aprons, covers and straightening grids. Included with the AIRTUBE are a skirt, a spill light cover and an air pump. The apron is approx. 30 cm wide, the spill light cover approx. 8 cm wide per side. The AIRTUBE has a length of approx. 1.1 m.


Technical Facts

Length  110cm
Diameter  19cm
Max. Airpressure ~12 PSI/0,83 bar
Max. Temperatur 212┬░F/100┬░C
Manufacturer Datasheet