DJI RS4 Pro 

The DJI RS 4 Pro gimbal has a maximum payload of 4.5 kg and comes as a set with the Focus Pro motor and the DJI Raveneye video transmitter. Thanks to the new motors with 20% more torque and 4th Gen. algorithms, the RS4 has optimized stabilization. Above all, the analysis of vehicle vibrations and wind resistance data optimizes the new car mode of the RS4 Pro. The 2nd generation automatic axle lock enables easy transportation between filming locations. The RS 4 Pro has intelligent functions such as motionlapse, object tracking and panorama. The RSA communication interface enables the connection of accessories such as the Focus Pro LiDAR autofocus system, the Focus Pro motor or the Raveneye video transmitter. The latter makes it possible to send live feeds with high resolution and to partially control the gimbal and the camera remotely.


Technical Facts

Payload 4.5 kg
Max. controllable rotation speed Pan: 360°/s Tilt: 360°/s Roll: 360°/s Roll axis: -95° to +240° Tilt axis: -112° to +214°
Weight Gimbal: approx. 1242 g Handle: approx. 203 g Extension handle/tripod (metal): approx. 183 g Upper and lower quick-release plate: approx. 98 g
Connections USB-C power/communication port Mini-HDMI port USB-C RSS camera control port
Battery Energy: 3000 mAh, 7.2 V Max. Operating time: 13h Charging time: approx. 1.5h
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