ZMU-4 Zoom Controller

The ZMU-4 is a weatherproof, professional handheld transmitter for wireless and wired zoom control of lens motors. For wired use, the ZMU-4 has an LBUS connector with daisy chain support to connect ARRI C-force motors, L-Cubes or the RIA. In addition, there is a CAM(7p) output that can control Rec/Stop and internal functions of ARRI cameras. Thus, with an adapter cable, Rec/Stop functions can also be controlled on third-party cameras such as RED, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic (Lanc)


Using the ZMU-4 via the optional wireless modules (RF-EMIP, RF-2400), you can control the motors and the ARRI camera directly via the ARRI ECS system and thus also remotely control cam user buttons like ND, ISO, FalseColor etc. Since now LBUS & CAM ports are free, the ZMU-4 can be extended with an OCU-1 to control e.g. the motor for the iris directly. In addition, the ZMU-4 and an RF motor could also be used to control a Rotapol.


Technical Facts

In/Out Ports 1x LBUS (4-pin LEMO) for lens motors 1x CAM (7-pin LEMO) for camera control 1x ARRI radio module interface (RF-EMIP)
Electric power supply 10,5 - 34 V
Power consumption 1,4 - 2,3 W
Battery supply NP-F550 / ARRI LBP-3500
Operating temperature -20 °C bis + 50 °C
Dimensions 66 x 45 x 277 mm
Weight 526 g
Manufacturer Datasheet

Tutorial: ARRI ZMU-4