CreamSource Vortex 8

The Cream Vortex 8 is a powerful RGB LED panel with 650W intake. Its color temperature ranges from 2200K – 15000K and offers 73,500 lux luminosity at 5600K and 1m distance. In addition to its powerful luminosity, the Cream Vortex 8 is also completely waterproof for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Videolink Munich

Technical Facts

Light source RGBW LED
Color range CCT: 2200 - 15000K
Modes Hue/Saturation, XY, Gels, Direct RGBW, Effects, 5000fps mode
Radiation angle 20°
Light intensity 5600K: 73,500 lux @ 1 m; 3,700 lux @ 6 m 3200K: 68,200 lux @ 1m ; 3,400 lux @ 6 m
Power consumption 650W
Weight About 15.68 kg (lamp and bracket)
Manufacturer Datasheet