Aputure Nova P600C

The Aputure Nova P600c is the big brother of the Nova 300C, an RGBW LED panel with a particularly robust design and high light intensity. It achieves over 2,298 lux (6500K) of light output at a distance of 3m. With a color range from 2000K to 10000K and a lot of defined effects, like explosion, police car and many more, the Aputure Nova 600c is a good companion, for professional sets. Still worth mentioning, the preamplifier is built into the Nova, which means no annoying cabling.


Technical Facts

Color temperature

2000K - 10,000K

Color Modes

HSI, RGB, XY, Gels, various effects (eg: police car lights, explosion, fireworks, etc.)


5600K: 17500 lux at 1m; 847 lux at 5 m
2700K: 1450 lux at 1 m; 725 lux at 5m


1x DMX In, XLR 5-pin (m)
1x DMX Out, XLR 5-pin (f)
1x DC In 48 V / 15A, XLR 3-pin (m)</ p>





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