Aputure LS 1200D

The Aputure LS 600D is the flagship of the Light Storm series. It is a daylight LED fixture with 1200W power consumption. It delivers a constant color temperature of 5600K and strong 83,100 lux at 3m with hyper reflector. Thanks to a Bowens Mount, different modifications, such as the Fresnel lens, or Spotlight Mounts, can be attached to the Aputure 1200D to change the light and directional characteristics.


Technical Facts

Color temperature 5600 K
Photometric data Pure lamp 5m: 2,802 lux ; 3m: 6,380 lux Hyper-Reflector (Narrow) 5m: 28,340 lux ; 3m: 83,100 lux
Dimmer stepless, 0.1 - 100%
Weight approx. 31.46 kg
Manufacturer Datasheet