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The ARRI ALEXA 35 is a modern Super 35 camera with a maximum resolution of 4.6K. With the ALEV 4 CMOS Bayer sensor, the ALEXA 35 creates an even wider dynamic range with 17 f-stops as well as flare suppression for the highest flexibility in post-processing and optimal for HDR – shots. Thanks to the

The ARRI Alexa Mini impresses with its compactness, size and weight (Full Carbon Body) and makes it the most versatile camera of the Alexa series from ARRI. Its dimensions make it ideal for any application, whether in the gimbal, as a handheld camera, or any other mounting solution. The Alexa Mini has interchangeable lens mounts

The Arri Alexa Mini LF expands the Arri Alexa family and replaces the old proven Alexa Mini. The distinctive Alexa look combined with the full-frame sensor offers best image quality with ARRI RAW Open Gate 4.5K. With the help of the new high contrast HD viewfinder MVF-2, new Codex Compact Drive memory cards, as well

AMIRA – the perfect tool for your work – is a versatile camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast2.0 workflows with ergonomic design optimized for use by an operator and expandable over-the-shoulder operation. AMIRA can be taken straight out of the camera case and ready to use. It’s rugged enough to be taken

The new B290 Cine is a high performance battery developed by Bebob in cooperation with ARRI. Thanks to the new B-mount battery carrier system, 24V voltage is now possible instead of 12V to meet the increased power requirements of modern and future cameras. The Bebob B-Mount B290 was developed in cooperation with ARRI for among

The Blackmagic Pocket Pro is the successor of the well-known and compact Blackmagic Pocket 6K with a Super-35 HDR sensor, Dual Native ISO and built-in ND filter. Unlike the old Pocket, the 6K Pro, Blackmagic can shoot RAW in 4K – 6K resolution, using the Sony NPF batteries instead of the Canon LP-E6.

The new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K with its Super35 HDR sensor offers a dynamic range of 13 f-stops and 6K shots up to 50fps (16:9) and 60fps (2.40:1) as well as dual-native ISO and an EF mount. Recording with Blackmagic RAW and Apple ProRes is possible internally with CFast2.0 and SD cards and externally

The small edition of the URSA with a 4K Super-35 image sensor and Global Shutter. The URSA Mini records up to 60 full frames per second in Cinema DNG RAW and ProRes formats.