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The Ambient ACN-CL Lockit is a time code generator in a compact design. Thanks to the built-in display, it is easy to check the current timecode and change settings.

The QXS series of booms offers the highest flexibility and reliability in the often hectic daily routine of film production. Consisting of 4-5 segments, the rods can be extended to long lengths if required despite their compact transport dimensions. Available from us in 4 different maximum lengths of 1.45 m, 2.75 m, 3.20 m, 6.20

The DPA 6060 lavalier clip-on microphones are only 3mm in size, but despite their small size they have good clarity, consistency and durability. With their award-winning DPA quality, they are perfect in the interaction of the Lectrosonic radio links.

The JBL Partybox 310 is a mobile, Bluetooth-enabled, PA speaker, suitable for sound reinforcement on the road or in medium-sized rooms.Thanks to 240W and a battery life of 18 hours, the JBL Partybox 310 can be turned up long and loud.

The JBL Partybox 710 is a very powerful Bluetooth PA speaker. Thanks to an incredible 800W, a large crowd, either indoors or outdoors (with IPX4 splash-proof) can be sounded.If the one JBL Partybox 710 is not enough, you can also use the app to easily pair two party boxes together for maximum power.

The Lectrosonics LR-A1 receivers with the SMWB transmitter impress with their excellent performance in a compact stable metallic design and beautiful vintage look. With a tracking front-end filter, nearby RF signal interference is blocked to prevent interference and dropouts. Splash-proof and use of the internal recorder by storing on a micro SD card are just

Time code feed Synchronization of image and sound is common practice. With Ambient’s Nano Lockit, this can be done quickly and reliably. Due to its small size it can be adjusted quickly and offers a timecode solution for every type of production due to its intuitive operation.

Transmitter SK 5212 Due to its small design, the SK 5212 is particularly easy to carry and hide on the body. The transmission power can be adjusted in two stages. A particularly wide input sensitivity adjustment range from -30 to + 40 dB provides flexibility from quiet interview situations to very powerful voices. EK 3241

Transmitter SK Light and robust, this pocket transmitter fits easily into any abdominal belt or simply clipped to the belt. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits low frequencies with a solid foundation. Three HF output powers) are available, for a higher range or more channels per frequency range. Receiver

Transmitter SKP Suitable for any wired microphone, the SKP plug-on transmitter can be combined with the EK 2000 receiver. Five frequency ranges with up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth provide optimal flexibility as with all components of the 2000 series. The synchronization of the transmitter settings is also possible with the SKP 2000 simply and