DZOFILM Catta Zoom 18-35mm T2.9

The DZOFILM Catta Ace FF Zoom 18 – 35 mm (PL/EF) is a high quality full frame cine zoom lens offering a versatile focal length of 18 – 35 mm and an impressive maximum aperture of T2.9. With its large image circle of 43.5mm, it is compatible with the latest full frame & Vista Vision cameras. The DZOFILM Catta Ace Zoom 18 – 35 mm delivers natural skin tones and produces outstanding cinematic image quality. Thanks to the parfocal lens, focus remains constant during zooming, minimising unwanted effects such as focus breathing and image shift.


Technical Facts

Iris T2.9 - T22 (16 blades)
Close Focus 0.74m
Front diameter 80 mm
Filter size 77 mm
Image circle φ 43.5mm(VV/FF)
Mount available PL & EF Mount
Dimensions DxL 179.5 x 80 mm (PL) 187.5 x 80 mm (EF)
Weight 1850 g
Manufacturer Datasheet