Moonlite CRMX Wireless DMX Transceiver

The Lumenradio MoonLite transceiver can be configured as a CRMX transmitter or receiver and enables all CRMX-compatible fixtures on set to be controlled with a tablet. This allows fixtures from different manufacturers to be combined and controlled in a wireless DMX network, enabling complex effects and efficient lighting. The Moonlite Transceiver in Transmitter mode acts as a bridge between the Bluetooth tablet/smartphone or a DMX lighting console and the CRMX network of all lamps. In receiver mode, the Moonlite can be used as a receiver of the wireless DMX (CRMX) signal to control fixtures that would otherwise only be DMX-capable via cable.


Technical Facts

Input/Output XLR 5-pol DMX512 (f/m)
Frequency 2,4 Ghz WiFi (max. 500m)
Bluetooth 5.0
Power internal Battery + Micro USB
IP Rating IP 20
Configuration CRMX Toolbox App
Gewicht 200gr
Manufacturer Datasheet