Aputure MC 4- Light Travel Kit

The Aputure MC 4 are small compact but powerful LED lamps, ideal for traveling and unobtrusive to place in the set. They have a color temperature of 3200K to 6500K and a luminous intensity of 1000 lux at 0.3m. With the help of the Sidus Link app, the Aputure MC-4s can be fully exploited and set different color modes and effects, as with the large Aputure lamps. Thanks to an integrated battery, the Aputure MC-4s can be flexible and adapted to any situation.


Technical Facts

Color Temperature

3200K - 6500K

Light output

1100 Lux at 0,3m; 100 Lux at 1m

Nominal power



LiPo Battery 2600 mAh, 3,7 V

Battery runtime

>2h at maximum brightness


approx. 93 x 61 x 17 mm

Manufacturer Datasheet