Even the smallest daylight spotlight from the successful ARRI M-Series is equipped with the unique MAX Technology. With 800 W, the M8 represents the lowest power class of the M series.

ARRI cforce Mini

The ARRI cforce mini Focus motors (and of course for iris, zoom) are part of the intelligent ARRI LCS (lens control system). The system runs by looping through the signal – you save cable clutter. The compact design should also be emphasized.


The ARRI LMB-4 is a clamping compendium for optics with large front diameters. The corresponding filters have the size 6.6 x 6.6.

ARRI cforce Mini RF

The smart ARRI cforce Mini RF system integrates the AMC-1 LCS receiver directly into the cfore motor. This means there is an end of annoying cables and boxes screwing to the camera.


The very smart Arri OCU-1 allows the cameraman to control the Focus motors. If the Focus Puller is not on the LCS, the cameraman can sharpen the focus himself without turning off the motors.