Flags / Floppy / Cutter

Flags/Floppy/Cutter can be used to darken or block out light for more contrast, such as negative fill, or to remove annoying reflections from windows. A must-have for any set where light setting plays a role. Available in different sizes and types.

Videolink Munich

Technical Facts

Flag with floppy (Fold out side for double length) 48’’x48’’ / 122x122cm, 40’’x40’’/ 102x102cm, 24’’x72’’ / 60x180cm
Flag without floppy 24’’x36’’/60x90cm, 18’’x24’’/46x60cm,18’’x38’’ /45x120cm,24’’x30’’/60x75cm, 12’’x18’’/31x46cm, 30’’x36’’/ 75x90cm,
Flag with Cutter 10’’x42’’/25x107cm
Flag with Ultrabounce 3-Sided Floppy Black/white 48''x48'' / 122x122cm
Manufacturer Datasheet