GoPro MAX 360° Actioncamera

GoPro offers with the GoPro MAX a 360° actioncam with all the advantages of a normal GoPro.

360° video recording at 6K (edited to 5.6K), panoramic photos and the ability to record linearly in Hero mode just like with a normal GoPro. The Max HyperSmooth also stabilizes every shot with the GoPro MAX. Waterproof up to 5 meters and the usual robustness of GoPro.

Videolink Munich

Technical Facts

Feature Name
Sensorgröße 2x 1/2.3"
Frame Rates 1-60 fps

Recording Media

Micro SD Cards

Resolution 6K (5,6K gestitcht)
Weight 154 g
Recording File Image Content H.264 + HEVC
Lens Mounts BuildIn lens
Manufacturer Datasheet