Radio set Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 + Lavalier Microphone

Transmitter SK

Light and robust, this pocket transmitter fits easily into any abdominal belt or simply clipped to the belt. With an AF frequency response of 25 to 20,000 Hz, it transmits low frequencies with a solid foundation. Three HF output powers) are available, for a higher range or more channels per frequency range.

Receiver EK

Paired with the SK 2000, the EK 2000 provides a stable, reliable radio set. With a switching bandwidth of up to 75 MHz, 5 frequency ranges ensure optimum flexibility even for this component of the 2000 series. The transmitter settings can be quickly synchronised from the EK 2000 via infrared.

Sanken Cos 11 Lavalier Microphone

Sanken has developed the COS-11 specifically to reduce the number of cases where interference is a problem. Together with the Sennheiser SK/EK 2000 radio set, it is an ideal solution for live broadcasts, location recording and studio applications.


Technical Facts

audio connectorSK: 3 pol Lemo, EK: 3,5mm handle
frequency range790 - 865 kHz
operating timeca. 8h
power supply2 x 1,5v AA battery
weight & size (H,B,T)SK/EK: 160 g , 82 x 64 x 24 mm
Manufacturer Datasheet