Radio set Sennheiser SK 5212, EK 3241

Transmitter SK 5212

Due to its small design, the SK 5212 is particularly easy to carry and hide on the body. The transmission power can be adjusted in two stages. A particularly wide input sensitivity adjustment range from -30 to + 40 dB provides flexibility from quiet interview situations to very powerful voices.

EK 3241

Built into a weatherproof, robust all-metal housing, this true diversity receiver is extremely reliable. This camera receiver fits perfectly to the SK 5212 transmitter.


Technical Facts

audio connectorEK (receiver): XLR , handle 3,5 mm , SK: 3 pol Lemo
frequency range790 - 865 kHz
power supplyEK: 2 x 1,5V AA SK: 1 x 1,5V AA
weight & size (H,B,T)SK: 475g , 53 x 60 x 17 mm , EK: 200g, 120 x 74 x 28 mm
Manufacturer Datasheet