Radio set Sennheiser SKP/EK 2000

Transmitter SKP

Suitable for any wired microphone, the SKP plug-on transmitter can be combined with the EK 2000 receiver. Five frequency ranges with up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth provide optimal flexibility as with all components of the 2000 series. The synchronization of the transmitter settings is also possible with the SKP 2000 simply and time-saving via infrared. Equipped with triple switchable transmission power and phantom power, it is extremely versatile.

Recipient EK

Paired with the SKP 2000, the EK 2000 provides a stable, reliable radio set. With a switching bandwidth of up to 75 MHz, 5 frequency ranges ensure optimum flexibility even for this component of the 2000 series. The transmitter settings can be quickly synchronised from the EK 2000 via infrared.


Technical Facts

audio connectorSKP (transmitter): XLR (f), EK (receiver): 3,5mm handle
frequency range790 - 865 kHz
operating time8h, 5h when phantom powering is used
power supply2 x 1,5v AA battery
weight & size (H,B,T)SKP: 380 g , 105 x 43 x 43 mm, EK: 160 g , 82 x 64 x 24 mm
Manufacturer Datasheet